XVII School Festival of Patriotic Song for the National Independence Day

November 10, 2017 in the School Complex Holy Father John Paul II in Niepołomice traditionally, as every year took place for the seventeenth time „School Festival of Patriotic Song.” The performers of traditional patriotic and independence works were the youth of all classes of our school.

The evaluation of the performance and selection of the winner was entrusted to a jury composed of: Head of the School Complex, Barbara Wiśniowska, teachers Beata Planicka and Zuzanna Polańska, and representatives of the student community Julita Garbicz 1B, Hubert Czyszczoń 2Ti, Emilia Wysocka 3THE. The level of vocal art, text interpretation, memory mastery of the text, stage movement, use of instruments, scenography and positive surprises were assessed. Seventeen classes have made seventeen different patriotic themes.

Three classes won, which received the highest number of points. The first place was taken by class 3A (educator Jarosław Muter), who performed the song „Blooms buds of white roses”. The second place went to class 2C with the song „Pałacyk Michla” (educator Katarzyna Toroń), and third place – class 4 TEO (educator Lucyna Niedbała) for the performance of the song „Walls”. Krasa 3B (educator Piotr Jarmocik) received a special distinction from the jury for the performance of the song „Ojczyzno ma”. The winning classes received the awards of the School Team Director. At the same time, all the students and teachers who took part in joint singing and positive competition should be considered winners. The School Festival of Patriotic Songs was organized for the seventeenth time. The formula of the school festival combined with the competition is our way to preserve, nurture and reconstruct the Polish tradition of singing together. It is also the contribution of our school to the positive atmosphere of the joyous celebration of the National Independence Day.